Each client’s career strategy plan will be unique based on their needs and goals. For some, the main focus will be on career visioning and building confidence in the skills they have to offer. For others, more time will be spent on discussing your personal branding materials or interview prep. We customize the program to you.

Use this outline of coaching calls as a sample. The suggested time between sessions is one or two weeks.

Sample Coaching Sessions: 12 Week Career Change Accelerator

Session 1: Kickoff and Connect the Dots

Dive deep into what makes you who you are, what you love, and why you love it.

Reflection on Module 1.

Session 2: Career Sweet Spot

Focus on identifying skills and where you add value. Where is your unique Career Sweet Spot?

Reflection on Module 2 and 3.

Session 3: Career Criteria

What do you want and need out of the next stage of your career? Build out your Career Criteria as a powerful tool that will guide you in your search and inform the questions you’ll ask in networking conversations and interviews.

Reflection on Module 4.

Resume and LinkedIn profile work begin.

Session 4: Research and Networking Strategy

Understand how to network effectively and create a personalized plan to help you learn more about fields/roles of interest and make important connections.

Reflection on Module 5.

Session 5: Finding the Right Fit

Refine your target list of organizations and roles based on your career themes, research, and networking conversations. Identify specific opportunities.

Cover letter review.

Session 6: Pitch Yourself

Craft your elevator pitch and practice common interview questions.

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