I have a secret for you...

You CAN land a fulfilling job you love without giving up the flexibility you need.

Career Clarity

Looking for a new fulfilling and flexible job without having career clarity is the same as hopping in the car without directions.

You’ll get somewhere, eventually, but is it really where you want to go?

And let’s be honest, you DO NOT have time to be just wandering around. Life is happening!

There are snacks to be opened, questions to be answered, plans to make, and bills to pay.

So instead of hoping for the best, let’s plan for it.

Start right now with the Career Clarity Program where you’ll get crystal clear on what you want and need in the next chapter of your career. Then we’ll chart out a path to actually get there in a way that fits with your life.

"Before the Career Clarity Program, I didn't have a direction or hope that I could actually change careers. Now I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities! Becca broke things down into very realistic pieces (especially for working moms) and changed the way I approach job searching. This course was a game-changer for me!"

How are we going to find a fulfilling job you love without giving up the flexibility you need?

with the Love Your Job Plan!





Online Modules

The Career Clarity Program is career coaching on YOUR schedule. Learn the Love Your Job Plan with quick and effective 15 minute videos that will help you to find your career sweet spot, define YOUR real career criteria, and set an intentional strategy for a job search now or in the future.

Retain lifelong access to the modules and templates (yes – we’ll get to resumes, cover letters, networking emails, and more!) so you can learn at your own pace.

Career Coaching

Build your confidence, ease your job search anxiety, and get the accountability you need in 3 monthly group coaching calls over 3 months. You’ll get expert guidance and answers to your specific questions alongside a group of talented professionals who understand your challenges.

1:1 coaching also available.

Complete the Career Clarity Program and you will have:

It's your life. Take control and find a fulfilling and flexible job that FITS.

Career Clarity Program valued at over $2000

Your investment:  $197/month (3 months)

But Does The Career Clarity Process Really Work?

Hear from Next Chapter Careers Coaching Clients

Becca's program helped me realize my dream career and how to get there. Her exercises and biweekly Zoom sessions guided me to where I want to be. I recommend Becca for anyone who is "stuck" like I was!
Hillary L
Banking to UI/UX Design
Becca has provided me with so much clarity on what kind of job I want going forward and how to get there. I have developed so much more confidence in myself and my past work experience because of Becca.
Lesley L
Small Business Owner to Sales Executive
I'm so glad I joined this cohort and took time to go through the exercises. It really helped me understand what I want to achieve with my work and the company culture I thrive best in. 
Colleen I
Communications Manager
Before the Career Clarity Program, I was frustrated in my teaching role and wondering if I needed an entirely new path. Now I'm feeling invigorated that I can work a career in education that incorporates fun, creativity, and variety. I loved getting to hear what other women were interested in and pursuing! The small group aspect was very meaningful to me.
Caitlin D
Becca's knowledge, compassion, and clear communication, makes her an ideal guide to help you uncover the next swivel in your career. She asks the right questions, listens carefully, pinpoints potential hurdles, and helps you create a step-by-step action plan to keep you moving forward. If you’re ready to find clarity in your career, Becca is the one to help you.
Paula E
Professor to Life Coach
With Becca's expertise I shifted my game plan in my job search, learned what fulfillment in job was for me professionally, and learned how to network more strategically. She also helped me to really hone in on what I was looking for precisely, what skills I brought to the table, what I really should be looking for in a job/company, and how to market myself.
Alix K
Fashion Designer to Garden Program Director
Becca Carnahan Career Coach

Meet Your Career Coach

Becca Carnahan is a Harvard-trained career coach, CEO of Next Chapter Careers, and the author of When Mommy Grows Up: A Guide to Parenting Yourself to a More Fulfilling Career.

She specializes in helping Millennial moms build interesting, challenging and fulfilling careers they love (and that fit with their lives.) With over 14 years of career development experience, in this program Becca brings you the effective and efficient strategies she uses with 1:1 clients every day to make an impact.

Work and life are interconnected. As a mom of two, Becca gets that, and so every step of the way this program is going to think about your "what's next" holistically. We'll figure out what you (and your family) need and how you can go get it. Want to crush it in your career AND get your kids off the school bus? It's 100% doable, so let's do it together.

This is YOUR year for Career Clarity

Online Lessons, Live Coaching, Bonus Trainings, and Community 

$197/month (or pay in full $497) for access to the course, community, and group coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need career clarity? Put simply, career clarity saves you time and money. Two things I know you need! When you have a clear direction you can plan ahead, create an effective job search strategy, invest in the right resources and tools for your job search, and get where you want to go faster by knowing where you want to go!

Hey Becca – do you know your stuff?  Sure do! I’ve worked in career and professional development for 14 years, at Harvard Business School, in professional education programs for other top business schools, and in my company, Next Chapter Careers, LLC. I also have a Master’s in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. You’re in good hands, friends!

When do we get started? The online course is self-paced so you can get started whenever you’re ready. Rock it all in a single day, spread it out over a few weeks. Do what works for you! You’ll have access to the 3 monthly group coaching calls for 3 months and unlimited access to the online course.

How much time do I need to commit to the program? Within each module there are two to three video lessons, 15 to 20 minutes each. Activities range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Group coaching calls are scheduled for one hour. It’s AMAZING how much you can get done in the short spurts of time your life allows right now!

How long do I get access to the videos and materials? For-ev-er! That’s right. Your access to the Career Clarity Program will not expire. 

Talk to me about the templates and the resource library… You’ll have access to three resume templates, a cover letter template, an interview thank you note template, networking email templates, a networking tracking sheet, a budget template, and sample interview questions.

Will there be community support? Yes! You’ll be invited to the Career Clarity Facebook group for ongoing support, community, and discussion.

Can I get 1:1 coaching? Absolutely! In addition to the group coaching calls, you can also choose to add on follow up 1:1 coaching support.

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me? Grab 15 minutes on my calendar and let’s talk about it

Plus 2 Special Bonuses

(1) Uplevel Your LinkedIn Workshop

3-Part Video Workshop to uplevel your LinkedIn profile, learn how to use LinkedIn for research and networking, and increase your visibility through strategic engagement.

(2) Complete Networking Toolkit
Step-by-step networking guide, tools, templates, and resources to make networking easier, more effective, and even more fun.

Hilary L
Hilary L
Read More
I had an unexpected end to my career due to a medical issue. While I had some murky ideas, I did not know how to begin to figure out how to start over. I heard about Becca through a mutual acquaintance, decided to enlist her perspective, and I am so glad I did. It was a collaboration, guided by the Career Clarity course she has in place as a structure for exploration, and with conversations too. I learned so much about myself and where I should go next. It's not just navel-gazing, though, she has the practical knowledge and creds to take what you discover about yourself and help you move it into reality. I cannot recommend her enough for full-blown career change like mine.

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