You're an...
Emerging Entrepreneur

Who's the boss? You!

You have the entrepreneurial itch to be your own boss and that’s amazing! 

As an entrepreneur, you get to call the shots about what projects you take on, your business model, your schedule, etc. 

Talk about fulfilling and flexible!

Just-Right Job Matches


Coach (Life, Career, Health)

E-Commerce Business Owner

Freelancer / Contractor

Intrapreneur – building within an existing business

Real Estate Agent


But how do I get started as an Emerging Entrepreneur?

1. Uncover Your Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot

We need to think about what business you want to build! What problems could you help solve and who needs help solving those problems? That’s the secret sauce!

2. Explore Entrepreneurial Paths Forward

How you are going to make this happen? There are many different entrepreneurial paths out there, and they don’t all require giving a big Jerry Maguire speech before you get started!

3. Pitch Your Business

With a business plan in mind, now it’s time to tell your story. How will you pitch you products or services in a way that makes your ideal customers excited to work with you?

Good news! You don't have to do this alone.

Meet Your Career Coach

I'm Becca Carnahan, Career Coach and Founder of Next Chapter Careers.

A decade ago I was an Emerging Entrepreneur too, and since that time I've built a 6-figure business on my own terms while still getting my kids off the school bus. I've also helped Emerging Entrepreneurs just like you start successful B2C and B2B businesses that light them up, and pay the bills!

I've done that using the model I teach mid-career parents Career Clarity Program. This signature program is designed to help job seekers and emerging entrepreneurs alike Uncover Career Sweet Spots, Craft Career Criteria, Explore New Paths Forward, and Pitch Themselves.

Through this program you'll get the tools you need to build a business you love that fits your life, plus the support you need to make it happen.

Are you ready to tap into your Emerging Entrepreneur and build a business you love (with a bunch of other supportive moms and dads in your corner). Then let's do this!