How can coaching be helpful for you?

Before you buy a water bottle on Amazon you check out the reviews, right?

So when you’re investing in your career, of course you want to hear how online career counseling and 1:1 coaching really works!

Hear directly from Becca’s coaching clients including mid-career professionals, entrepreneurs, and experienced leaders who have made meaningful and exciting changes in their careers.

"If you are feeling lost in your professional life, unmotivated, or questioning if your current work is really what you want to spend your precious time and energy on, then you found the perfect place to start. Consider Becca as your friendly personal career guide to help you discover what you enjoy doing and what steps to take next. I made the commitment AND investment needed to prioritize my career, to better support and “show up” for my family. Now I can do just that having accepted a job offer that better fulfills my needs – professionally and personally. Becca is an expert in her field, but she is also friendly and approachable. I was at ease talking with her, which allowed me to be open and honest – very therapeutic! Her experience and insights prompted us to have thought-provoking conversations and ask tough questions. Best yet, I felt supported by her every step of the way."
Collen I.
Communications Manager
"Becca became my career coach while I was working full-time, parenting my two young sons, juggling my husband's long hours and caring for a sick relative. In that intensity, Becca's insightful listening helped me strategically engage her career modules. The group Becca hosts online connected me with other talented and kind mothers. Sharing our successes and questions alleviated my self-doubt and uplifted the possibilities for us all to Thrive! Through Becca's guidance I now work for an organization that aligns with my passions & explicitly and systematically cares for our well-being as people. The transformation for my career and my family is amazing!! Thank you Becca."
Caitlin D.
Program Facilitator
"100% recommend working with Becca. She tackled my desire for a career shift head on and was supportive through the many steps of the process. Her method breaks down the process into simple steps to understand the “why” and then to pursue the “how” of searching for a job and ultimate success. I was in a position where I needed to pivot to a new industry, she highlighted my skill sets and showed me how to best illustrate how transferable those skills can be. She encouraged me to use my network, conduct informational interviews and learn as much as possible about the new industry that I was pursuing. Have confidence in her ability to work with anyone looking for a career change across career paths. "
Jean-Marc A.
Sales Leader
"I found Becca at a time when I was embarking on a major career and life transition after running my own business for a decade. I had zero strategy for finding a new role unless you count applying to random online job posts as a strategy. Becca was not only able to guide me through an effective job search that actually landed me interviews but also taught me how to truly tap into what I wanted out of a new position, company and work experience. The end result was being offered a creative, rewarding and well compensated job that I didn't even know existed. I can't recommend her enough. "
Antoinette H.
Social Media Specialist
""When I first started working with Becca, I had been out of work for several months and had no clarity on how I'd want to pivot my career. She helped me organize my thoughts and craft a story out of my life's personal and professional experiences. I was able to rebrand myself and what I'd like to focus my career on moving forward. From clarity to working through the actual job search, Becca has been a cheerleader and guide throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend working with her!"
Trisha G.
Communications Manager
"Becca was highly recommended to me from other academic colleagues. I was lost, working insanely hard as an Associate Professor in Biomedicine and simply couldn’t see a path forward to a long-term happy career. I signed up to the Career Clarity Program and found it was so inspirational. As a mid-career mother, I was stuck and had no idea what my alternatives were. Becca provided inspiration, guidance and a clear path to uncovering my potential. I took it a week at a time and followed her advice. For the first time in my life, I thought deeply about who I am and what I want. Over the 4-5 months since the epiphany that I may need to make a change in my career, she helped me navigate how to reach out to my network, how to plant the seeds for future opportunities, and while it was a lot of work, I ended this journey with multiple job offers and now am about to start my dream job. Becca is the ‘career fairy’ – she swoops in when needed, provides clear guidance and inspiration and I can’t thank her enough."
Olivia O.
Director of Biology
"I cannot recommend Becca and her services enough! When I was interviewing career coaches, I knew immediately upon meeting Becca that she was the right person to help me transition to a new job and career. Through the 1:1 coaching sessions, generative conversations, and consistent encouragement, I moved through the Career Clarity Program and discovered what I was both passionate about and qualified for based on my skills and past experience. As a mom, I was looking for a career that allowed me to both be there for my family and feel fulfilled in my work. Through putting in the work, and having Becca cheering and encouraging me every step of the way, I recently started a new career that brings me joy and fulfillment. Becca is smart, kind, encouraging, and (rightly so!) confident in the methods that can help you land your dream job. I highly recommend Becca!."
Kara M.
Solutions Consultant
"I cannot recommend coaching with Becca enough. Her knowledge, compassion, and clear communication, makes her an ideal guide to help you uncover the next swivel in your career. She asks the right questions, listens carefully, pinpoints potential hurdles, and helps you create a step-by-step action plan to keep you moving forward. If you’re ready to find clarity in your career, Becca is the one to help you."
Paula E.
Life Coach
"I worked with Becca on a career shift in a new city/state in the midst of a pandemic - it was a pretty tall order and she delivered phenomenally! With Becca's expertise I shifted my game plan in my job search, uncovered what a fulfilling job was for me was professionally, and learned how to network more strategically. She also helped me to really hone in on what I was looking for precisely, what skills I brought to the table, what I really should be looking for in a job/company, and how to market myself. It was up to me to do the work and put in the effort, but with helpful notes and action items my drive was in high gear and I pursued every aspect. A few months later I landed my dream job along with 2 side gigs that have led to beneficial network expansion for my continued growth. Highly recommend working with this talented woman!"
Alix K.
Program Director
"Becca is a lifeline. I first engaged her services with the notion that I wanted to update and revise my resume to better reflect my own professional trajectory, growth as a leader, and to more accurately portray my variety of experiences both in the office and in the outside world. Well silly me --- this was not simply a resume update. Instead, in just four sessions, Becca was able to help me pivot in my career, define a new professional vision, prioritize my work and life commitments, and support me in my pursuit of entrepreneurship. Today, I’m leading a team of professionals in a job I adore; while also proactively engaging my own thought leadership development and business goals."
Marika R.
Higher Education Director
"When I started this career journey I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, or how I could get there. I had no idea how to write a resume, or a cover letter, or how to network effectively. Becca helped me build confidence, focus in on my skills, and put my best foot forward. Now I am about to be starting a job at a company I am beyond passionate about."
Two women shaking hands
Alyssa G.
"I met Becca at a mom’s group after the birth of my son. Her resume and cover letter templates have been instrumental in applying to jobs. I reached out to her for an initial consultation to help determine next steps in my career search as I had taken time off after the birth of my son and was feeling uncertain about what I wanted to do next. She helped me realize I was spending too much time applying to jobs and provided networking techniques I hadn’t thought of before. Most impressive was how in a short half hour conversation Becca helped me feel more confident in my abilities and unique professional experience. Her questions and career and life template helped me further fine tune where I wanted to focus my job search efforts. I highly recommend working with Becca!"
Annie G.
Communications Professional
"After losing my ‘mediocre but it pays the bills’ job due to COVID, I thought- “Great! It's time to do what I really want to do! Finally I can LOVE my job! “ Then it hit me...I have no idea what I want to do. Enter Becca! Like a magical guide she helped me find out what passions I could turn into a business and then guided my next steps. The answer was right in front of me all along. You have to put in the work (and I needed to dig deep, face a few fears and experience the journey) but with Becca’s guidance the journey was easy, enjoyable and enlightening. Don’t struggle with this by yourself. She will be your greatest ally in this process. I would recommend her to everyone!"
Aarin L.
"I was so happy when a friend referred me to Becca, because that's when things started to become much easier in my job search. She helped me to rewrite my resume and LinkedIn profile so I started getting noticed for the jobs I wanted, and made sure my interviewing skills were top notch when it was time to get convincing. I just landed my *dream* job and Becca is at the top of my list of people to thank!"
Natalie M.
Sr. Product Manager
"Working with Becca has been even more amazing than I expected. She has provided me with so much clarity on what kind of job I want going forward and how to get there. I have developed so much more confidence in myself and my past work experience because of Becca. She's worth every penny!"
Lesley L.
Sales & Strategy Leader
"Becca's ability to weave together my diverse experiences into a cohesive story was extraordinary. Her work has given me the confidence to approach this inflection point in my career with absolute confidence and clarity. Becca is gifted in seeing the thread and pulling it out, articulating a clear vision and value to my story. She's been such an instrumental part of my process of building a vibrant business. If you need support articulating your brand, work with Becca!"
Nellie C.
Leadership Coach
"I had an unexpected end to my career due to a medical issue. While I had some murky ideas, I did not know how to begin to figure out how to start over. I heard about Becca through a mutual acquaintance, decided to enlist her perspective, and I am so glad I did. It was a collaboration, guided by the Career Clarity course she has in place as a structure for exploration, and with conversations too. I learned so much about myself and where I should go next. It's not just navel-gazing, though, she has the practical knowledge and creds to take what you discover about yourself and help you move it into reality. I cannot recommend her enough for full-blown career change like mine."
Hilary L.
Project Manager
"I am so grateful for the coaching work I did with Becca. I was looking for my next professional opportunity after 7 years as a stay-at-home-parent, and I didn't know where to begin. Next Chapter Careers gave me the structure I needed to organize my thoughts and ideas and an incredibly supportive community to keep me motivated. I highly recommend the program!"
Celia G.
Education Professional

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