You're a...
Transformative Teammate

Everyone wants you on their team!

You’re a natural collaborator, and you love working with great teams.

It’s fun for you to brainstorm new ideas and problem solver as a group.

All the energy you bring to a team transforms the outcomes, and that energy keeps you buzzing when you get home from work!

Your Just-Right Job Matches

Program Manager

Student Services Coordinator

Marketing Manager

Healthcare Professional

Management Consultant

Director of Operations

But how do I build a career as a Transformative Teammate?

1. Uncover Your Career Sweet Spot

Now that we know you you enjoy being a a part of great teams, we need to fill in the rest of the picture. How do your passions and value-add align?

2. Explore New Paths Forward

Often we don’t know where to start because we don’t know what the options are! Let’s expand your view of what’s possible and what teams would be the ideal fit for you.

3. Pitch Yourself and Your Story

Now we need to communicate to your target employer WHY you are the person they have been looking for all along with a well-honed pitch, resume, and LinkedIn profile.

Good news! You don't have to do this alone.

Meet Your Career Coach

I'm Becca Carnahan, Career Coach and Founder of Next Chapter Careers.

I've helped 
hundreds of busy parents just like you land fulfilling jobs they love, without giving up the flexibility they need. Those types of jobs are real!

At Next Chapter Careers, I take everything I've learned from over a decade working at Harvard Business School and teach YOU how to find career clarity and a career path that fits your life.

I've done that using the model I teach mid-career parents Career Clarity Program build careers they love that fit their lives.

Are you ready to tap into your inner Transformative Teammate with a bunch of other supportive moms and dads in your corner? Then let's do this!